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Crusoes in Siberia
and The Fairest Judgment
by Tivadar Soros


If you want to know where the brothers Paul and George Soros got their business skills, look no further than this little adventure story told by their father.

In simple, understated style, Tivadar Soros tells how he and his companions broke out of their Siberian prisoner-of-war camp at the time of the Russian Revolution and traveled on foot through inhospitable mountains to freedom. And this was just preparation for the equally horrendous conditions that Tivadar and his family endured in World War II.

Unfortunately, out there in the forest, I had
no companion like Crusoe’s Friday. My main
helpers were an unquenchable desire to return
home, and the easy equanimity that comes to a
healthy person leading a wandering life.
Tivadar Soros

Tivadar Soros’s memoir of Siberia ... is essentially
an adventure story – a story of a young man’s
ingenuity and endurance.
Humphrey Tonkin

As a schoolboy, I used to join my father in the
swimming pool after school, and after swimming
he would regale me with an installment
of his adventures. In this way they became an
important part of my childhood.
George Soros

I and my brother consider it to be our good fortune
to grow up observing how our father lived
and dealt with the problems of the world.
Paul Soros

Tivadar Soros (1894–1968)
was a Hungarian Jewish doctor, lawyer, author and editor. He was the father of Paul and George Soros. He fought in World War I and spent years in a prison camp in Siberia before escaping. He founded the Esperanto literary magazine Literatura Mondo (Literary World) in 1922 and edited it until 1924. He wrote the novels Modernaj Robinzonoj (Crusoes in Siberia) and Maskerado ĉirkaŭ la morto (Masquerade (dance) around death), an autobiographical novel about his experience during the Nazi occupation of Budapest, Hungary. Maskerado has been translated into English, Russian, German, Turkish, and Hungarian, Modernaj Robinzonoj into English and Italian. Source:

ISBN: 9781595692184

Language: English

Pages: 132
(f + xxxii + 94)

Book Type: 5.5 x 8.5 in

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