Malama Katulwende:

An African Novel from Zambia

Sten Joahnsson: Marina che la limo. Romano verkita en Esperanto

Julius Chongo Award 2006 for Best Creative Writing
288 pages.

1. Book version: ISBN 9781595690319 or PayPal. 5.5 x 8.5 in (21,5 cm x 14 cm)

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Malama Katulwende 
(* 1967) - has published poems in the anthology "Under the African Skies - Poetry from Zambia" and is currently writing another novel: "No Other Land". Malama Katulwende was born in 1967 in the Luapula province of Zambia. He is the first-born child in a family of eight. He was educated in Catholic schools in order to become a Diocesan priest, but later decided to attend the University of Zambia. Malama Katulwende has taught science and mathematics at different schools.


Tribal and social affiliations and the student riots at the University of Zambia, in a captivating and intelligent story about love, political involvement and individual responsibilities.

This is one of the most realistic and passionate contemporary novels about the life of young people in today's Africa, written by Malama Katulwende, a Zambian poet and intellectual. It describes the seeming incompatibility of old African traditions and modern life, depicts the political struggle of Zambia's students, and the hope and despair of the book's main character, his family, lover, and friends. Based on real events, this novel provides an insight into African history, daily life, and culture, at the example of an oppressive society. Imagine Europe's revolts of 1968 in Austral Africa...

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